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Qualifying Room Rates are deemed as a stay at any participating Monte Carlo Inns™, excluding taxes and excluding but not limited to the purchase of gift certificates, restaurant charges, sundry charges, catering or banquet purchases, food charges, beverage charges and audio visual charges. Point accrual is limited to individual accommodation only. If a member attends a convention or group meeting and individually pays Monte Carlo Inns™ directly for the room, he/she will be eligible to receive points for the stay. However, contract rooms, rooms reserved by corporations on an ongoing basis and or master-billed rooms are not eligible to earn Diamond Rewards Points. Wholesale packages and series tours booked through a travel agent are not eligible to earn Diamond Rewards Points. If a program member chooses to earn points, if eligible, through our sales office for a group reservation, group meeting, contract rooms or master-billed rooms, he or she forfeits the option of earning points for his personal room. At the discretion of the Monte Carlo Inns™ reservations made through third party reservation portals or any other online travel agency will not be eligible to earn Diamond Rewards Points.

  • Point Structure: Each $5.00 of the Room rate = 1 point
  • Minimum Purchase per Transaction = $50.00
  • Maximum Purchase per Transaction = $5,000.00
  • Minimum Points per Transaction = 10 points
  • Maximum Points per Transaction = 1,000 points
  • Initial Point Balance on issuance of Diamond Rewards Card = 0 points
  • Point Balance upon online registration = 0 points
  • Point Balance upon linking and liking the members Diamond Rewards account to the Monte Carlo Inn Facebook page ( = 20 points