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How to Choose a Wedding Venue for Your Big Day

Monday, March 21, 2016

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, but all of the little details can quickly add up and become overwhelming. Save yourself from getting buried in appointments and instead take on one task at a time. By approaching your big day in an organized way and planning ahead, you’ll have no trouble making all the arrangements. If you are in the process of comparing wedding venues in Oakville, Markham, Brampton and across the GTA, consider our checklist below. 

Wedding banquet hall in Markham Ontario

Checklist for Wedding Venues in Oakville & Surrounding Areas

You will want to reserve your wedding venue 9-12 months before your wedding day to ensure the space is available and that will meet all of your needs. Put the fun back into wedding planning by using these helpful tips for choosing the perfect Markham banquet hall for your wedding day:

Think About Logistics

The location of your wedding should be accessible for your guests. Decide if you will have the ceremony and reception at different locations or if you would like them to be at the same place. The number of guests, time of year, and special accommodations for attendees should all be considered when you are making a list of possible venues. If guests are traveling from out of town, be sure to choose a venue that features luxurious accommodations, such as those offered at our Monte Carlo Inns hotels. 

Visit the Venue a Few Times

It is important to see the space offered at the wedding venue in person before you make your decision. It is also a good idea to visit during the time of year your wedding will be taking place, so you can get a clear idea of what the space and lighting will look like on the day. Whether you are hosting your wedding in Oakville or Markham, it is important to visit the wedding venue more than once. Doing so will ensure you are comfortable with everything, understand the logistics of how the day will go, and get to know the staff who will assist you with the planning.

Consider the Service

There are two kinds of wedding venues that you will come across: full service venues that offer everything from linens to chairs and those that are not full service, requiring you to make a lot of additional appointments and arrangements. Both types of venues are suitable for different couples and wedding themes, so speak with your significant other to decide on which type of venue is right for you. Monte Carlo Inns can offer everything from suites to fully-licensed restaurants at our different locations. All of our venues, including our wedding venues and banquet hall in Oakville offer a fully catered menu for your guests. Our staff will work with you to develop a customized menu and will assist you with all planning.

Ask Questions

The team at Monte Carlo Inns can answer all your questions about our facilities across the GTA. Don’t wait to find answers; it can make planning stressful! Instead, call us at any time to inquire about our facilities or to request changes before your big day.

Have Your Wedding at Monte Carlo Inns in the GTA

Monte Carlo Inns has 8 locations across the GTA and beautiful banquet halls to make your big day beautiful and enjoyable for you and your guests. With hotel rooms available, we can help you accommodate your wedding party and out-of-town guests and make sure everyone gets home safely.

Our staff have years of experience hosting weddings and would love to be a part of making your day memorable. If you are planning your wedding and are ready to book a banquet hall in Markham, Oakville, or at any of our other locations, contact us today. We can offer you a tour, provide a quote, and give you an an overview of our luxury accommodations to suit you and your guests’ needs.

When booking your wedding venue, consider Monte Carlo Inns to make your special event a memorable success. Call 1-800-363-6400 to learn more about our wedding packages and menus.


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