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Packing Tips: Don’t Leave Behind these Common Items — Avoid Forgetting Items at Your Toronto Hotel with these Tips from Monte Carlo Inns

Friday, February 17, 2017

When you work in the hospitality industry and run hotels in Toronto and across Ontario, you begin to notice patterns and habits that travelers share. Whether they are highly organized or a bit overwhelmed being on the move, it is common for people to forget a few necessary items when they are traveling. Some never make it into the suitcase and others get left behind in the hotel room. No matter the case, a little reminder and some packing tips can help you ensure nothing important gets forgotten. Schedule your stay in a hotel near Pearson Airport and contact Monte Carlo Inns to find out more about how you can pack smart for your visit to the city. 

Try not to overlook these commonly forgotten items when you are heading to your destination or packing up to go home:

  • Phone Chargers: Mobile phone chargers are at the top of the list of essential items that are forgotten. Thankfully, they are not too precious. On bedside tables, plugged into walls, or in airport terminals, they are used often but very easy to leave behind. Attach something distinct to your phone charger so that you can identify it easily. A little colour can increase the odds that it will catch your eye when it comes time to quickly gather your belongings. Colourful ribbon, tape, or a cord organizer can be used to make it more memorable and compact. Choose a pocket in your carryon bag or purse to keep it in. That way, you can access it quickly and always be aware of whether or not you have it with you.  
  • Passports: Less forgettable but infinitely more important, passports are also commonly left in hotel safes. Choosing a specific pocket or storage spot can help for this crucial document as well, especially if you are moving around a lot. If you choose to make use of the safe, leave a reminder for yourself by the door or on the bathroom mirror.  
  • Keys: When you will be boarding a plane instead of starting up your car, it is understandably that you may leave behind car keys or house keys. If you can, leave them at home or with a friend. If not, put them in a secure place in your bag where they won’t get in the way. Leave them there until you return to your driveway or doorstep. 
  • Toiletries: Arriving in the middle of the night at your new destination can be exhausting and uncomfortable. This becomes even more inconvenient if you don’t have a toothbrush! Keep a small, extra toiletries kit handy in your carryon bag to account for lost luggage and rushed 3AM wakeup calls. Many hotels keep some on hand or include them in the bathrooms. They will also be able to direct you to the nearest pharmacy or convenience store. Regardless, being prepared is the best option to feel comfortable and clean while traveling. 

Prepare to Take Off or Get Settled In When You Stay in a Hotel Near the Toronto Airport

Monte Carlo Inns offers travelers who are coming to or leaving from Pearson Airport, a convenient and affordable place to rest and recharge. Whether you have a late night arrival or an early morning flight, we can provide the perfect location for your stay. Explore our Hotel near Pearson International Airport and check out our current packages and deals to save.  

Contact us online to learn more about out more about Monte Carlo Inns – Airport Suites Mississauga™. Book online now or call us at 1-800-363-6400 to make your reservation.


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