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Festival Living Just Improved with Hotels in Barrie

Friday, August 11, 2017

How to Decide if a Hotel or Camping is Right for You

Festival season is officially here. It is time to consider your accommodations, pack your outfits, gather your friends, and hit the road. This summer, Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, will host two of the most popular music festivals in Canada.

People enjoying themselves at a Barrie Music festival

Wayhome and Boots & Heart Music Festival have always featured onsite campgrounds and this year will be no exception. However, camping at these events is not for the faint of heart and therefore, may not be for everyone. Fortunately, you have the option of booking an affordable hotel in Barrie to keep you close to the action, without sacrificing your comfort. While it comes down to personal preference, consider the pros and cons of camping and offsite lodging before deciding on the option you would enjoy more.

The Pros and Cons of Staying in a Hotel or Camping

Before you can enjoy the alternative scene at Wayhome, or country music tunes at Boots & Hearts, you must first settle on festival living arrangements. Here are some pros and cons to consider when staying in hotels or camping:

Staying in a Hotel


  • Comfort - Since these events take place in the middle of summer, there is nothing better than getting to cool off in air conditioning after a long and tiring day. Enjoy a private shower and a nice, comfortable bed. Being well rested will increase your happiness and contribute to a more positive experience.
  • Safety - You do not have to constantly worry about your personal items being lost or stolen. If you are always thinking about the status of your belongings, it can take away from your experience.
  • Silence - It is important to get a sufficient amount of sleep, so you can enjoy everything the event has to offer on the following day. At a hotel, you do not have to worry about your neighbours causing a scene, or wildlife keeping you up at night.


  • Distance - You will be slightly further from the festival grounds. However, you can typically rely on free shuttle services to take you to and from the venue.
  • Waiting - Downtime between acts will not afford you enough time to go back to your hotel to relax, so you are forced to wait it out. Luckily, these events offer more than just music. Check out art installations or refuel with a bite to eat.
  • You Forget Something - If you forget to bring a personal item to the site, you will have to spend time going back to the hotel or forgo the item altogether. The risk of leaving the festival could mean that you miss your favourite act. Fortunately, there are many people around. For instance, if you are missing your camera, ask a friend to take photos and send them to you afterwards.



  • Proximity - You are much closer to the festival grounds. You can save time and catch your favourite artist by walking from your tent to the site within a matter of minutes.
  • Experience - Build your own community environment. You are immersed in the middle of the action and can easily make friends with fellow campers.
  • Affordability - If you are on a strict budget, camping could save you a little money. However, if you do not already have access to a tent, coolers, portable grills, folding chairs, sleeping bags, and everything else that is necessary for camping, it can cost you more than what you would spend on a few nights at a hotel.


  • Weather - The summer is not always forgiving. If it rains, you will have to contend with the mud and damp grounds. Conversely, if the sun is shining, there is no escape from the heat.
  • Late Nights - Your neighbours may enjoy the party a little too much. Be prepared for a lack of sleep and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. The early morning sun can make staying inside your tent without overheating, extremely difficult.
  • Basic Necessities - You can forget about having a clean toilet, private shower, or easy access to electricity. Furthermore, once you decide to use the facilities, you could end up waiting to have access to a shower for hours.

Enjoy Convenient Accommodations at Monte Carlo Inns - Barrie Suites™

Music Festival accommodation has evolved, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds. After a long day of dancing and singing along to your favourite musical acts, you can benefit from the convenience of staying in a hotel. At Monte Carlo Inns in Barrie, we can provide you and your friends with a safe and comfortable place to rest.

Contact us online to inquire about our accommodations or to see what options are available at our Monte Carlo Inns - Barrie Suites™. Book online now or call 1-800-363-6400 to make your reservation at our hotel near Burl’s Creek Event Grounds.


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