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Guide to Having a Great Time at Winterlicious 2016 in Toronto

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Every winter during the first two weeks of February the Winterlicious festival is held at many restaurants across Toronto. This year the festival will be taking place from January 29th to February 11th, and will provide a fantastic opportunity for both Torontonians and visitors from out of town to order from fixed price lunch and dinner menus at some of the city’s top restaurants. This year, participants include Canoe, Momofuku Daisho, Trevor Kitchen and Bar, and Globe Bistro.

Every lunch or dinner option during Winterlicious is served as a three course meal. You will have the option to choose from an $18, $23 or $28 lunch menu and $25, $35 or $45 dinner menu. There are generally many dishes available for vegetarians and vegans as well.

People dining at a restaurant toasting with wine

If you're looking forward to Winterlicious 2016 and want to ensure that you and your dining companions have a fantastic time, then here are three tips that can help you do just that:

1) Be smart with planning and reservations
Winterlicious is an extremely popular event, so it is important to make reservations at your chosen restaurants ahead of time. Reservations are easiest to get on weekdays or before 6PM and after 9PM on weekends. You should also strive to only make reservations that you can comfortably commit to in order to avoid being rushed.

2) Don't be afraid to try new things
Where's the fun in attending a food festival and only sticking to foods that you already know you like? Use Winterlicious as an opportunity to be adventurous with your palate and try a dish or a cuisine that you normally wouldn`t indulge in. If you’re with a group, consider all choosing different options and sharing to make the most out of your tasting experience.

3) Choose a conveniently located hotel
If you're going to be visiting Toronto from out of town during Winterlicious, then you need to make sure you stay at a hotel located close to all of the restaurants you're looking to dine at. At Monte Carlo Inns, we have hotels in Mississauga and also offer great hotels deals at our Mississauga locations, helping you save money and get the most out of your Winterlicious experience.

Stay at Our Hotels in Mississauga

It's a good idea to book your hotel at least a few weeks ahead of time. By doing so, you can focus all of your energy in the days leading up to Winterlicious on planning how you're going to enjoy yourself to the fullest, both figuratively and literally!

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