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How to Plan an Outstanding Holiday Event

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

It’s holiday season here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and no matter what you’re celebrating this December, we’re willing to bet you have a few parties lined up during the coming weeks. If it’s your turn to do the planning for that corporate holiday party or family get-together, our eight Monte Carlo Inns hotels located in the GTA have seen their fair share of festivities. Read below for some insider tips on organizing a stress-free event. 

Closeup of 2 co-workers gathered at the lunch table

1. Carefully curate your guest list

This may seem obvious, but deciding who to invite—or not—to a holiday gathering requires some thought and planning. If you’re working on a corporate get-together, make sure you don’t forget anyone, including new employees and those who work remotely. For a party with family or friends, the key is to avoid potentially awkward situations. Consider greeting guests with pre-assigned seats, but proceed with caution. Poorly thought-out seating arrangements have the potential for disaster.

2. Find the perfect venue

If you’re looking for a banquet hall or event space for your upcoming holiday festivities in the GTA, Monte Carlo Inns have everything you need to have a good time. In any case, ensure that the venue you choose is large enough for your guest list to fit comfortably and that it includes any amenities you may need. Our wedding venues in Oakville are perfect for smaller groups, whereas our event space in Vaughan can cater to large groups for meetings and business functions. No matter how big or small your party, our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect room in one of our eight convenient locations

3. Don’t forget the food

Whether your meal plan involves a traditional turkey dinner or something entirely unique, avoid losing guests early to the call of take-out. Make sure your menu caters to your group’s dietary restrictions as much as possible, and offer choices for picky eaters. At Monte Carlo Inns, our chefs are always delighted to accommodate your requests and are committed to serving you a memorable holiday feast.

4. Safety first!

If you’re planning on serving alcohol during the event, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Ensure an incident-free affair by asking around for volunteers to be designated drivers, or partner up with a local organization that offers a similar service. Better yet, invite everyone for a sleepover! Take advantage of our special offer throughout December 2015 to save 15% on room bookings. Enter the promo code JINGLE at checkout, and rest easy knowing that your seasonal celebration will end safely in a luxurious hotel bed.

You don’t need to be a professional event coordinator to plan a noteworthy holiday celebration for your friends, family or coworkers. Simply keep your guests in mind every step of the way, and entrust the right venue with your needs. If you are looking for hotels near the Toronto airport, in Vaughan, Oakville, or surrounding areas that can provide you with the best possible party experience, give us a call today. Don’t forget to use the promo code JINGLE for 15% off between December 1 and 30, 2015!


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