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Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When done right, corporate events can be successful and enjoyable for everyone who attends, but they can also be quite complicated to organize. Depending on the nature of the event, you may have employees, vendors and clients to impress which will be achieved through the success of your event. If you’ve been tasked with the planning of an upcoming corporate event, it is important to follow a clear, well-thought out process. Choosing an appropriate venue and coordinating all of the components can be difficult, so consider choosing a banquet hall in Markham or Brampton that offers a full package. 

No matter the theme or purpose, remember that your corporate event is a great opportunity for your business to showcase its accomplishments, products and camaraderie.

Hosting a corporate event in Markham, Ontario

Essential Tips for Pulling Off the Event of the Year

By staying organized and planning ahead, you will reduce the stress of the event and exceed the expectations of your guests. Below are tips and tricks to make the most of your planning process this spring:

Budget – Before making any commitments for the event, establish a realistic budget as soon as possible. If necessary, speak to management and get approval of the budget before touring event facilities. You cannot book a banquet hall in Markham or the GTA without knowing how much your company plans to spend. To avoid needing to cancel a venue last minute, work with the facility to understand the associated costs before making the commitment.

Theme – Coming up with a theme or purpose for this event is often considered to be the most exciting part of the planning process. Will it be formal? Casual? Understand who your guests are in advance and what their expectations will be. If you are hosting a serious business meeting, the theme is likely to differ from a casual summer party. Once the theme is established, you will be able to decide on other elements such as food, entertainment and décor.

Invitees – Who will you be inviting to the event? Is it for employees and their families or are vendors and clients being invited as well? Creating a guest list, even if it is temporary, will help you decide how much space you need to host the affair. The guest list will also set the tone of the theme, so these two elements should go hand in hand. Once the venue is established, decide how you will invite your guests and if you require an RSVP to secure other elements of the event.

Location – Where you hold your corporate event depends on the function and budget. Among the leading Markham banquet halls, Monte Carlo Inns offers comprehensive event packages, which include catering and facility space, so that you can limit the number of suppliers you have to manage and reduce the overall cost. Choosing a facility that offers an all-inclusive package will be welcomed by your guests and will give you the option to customize your menu and the schedule of your day.

Rent a Premier Banquet Hall in Markham or Brampton

For your next corporate event, consider renting an event space or banquet hall at Monte Carlo Inns. Our event rooms come with generous space, accommodating from 15 to as many as 150 people in one room. Speak to our team about our corporate event packages, which include catering, audio and visual options, and of course tables, chairs and décor.

For all-day events, we also offer a customized menu that will keep your attendees satisfied with delicious meals and snacks throughout the day. We can also book your guests into suites for overnight stays during multiple day events and provide discounts for larger groups. Whether you are hosting your event in Brampton, Markham, or another location in the Greater Toronto Area, a Monte Carlo Inn location will be the perfect venue for your affair.

Inquire about our corporate event packages and speak with an on-site coordinator today. You can contact us for more information, book online or call 1-800-363-6400 today for reservations.

Let us be your home away from home. Enjoy your corporate event with us today!


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