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Travel Without Taking a Vacation from Exercise

Monday, June 16, 2014

Vacations are synonymous with rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The change in your location and routine can make your life fun and exciting, but disrupting your daily schedule also interrupts your diet or exercise regimen, which can spell negative consequences upon your return.

Maintaining your exercise routine while on vacation helps you stay healthy and happy while away from home. Even though it can be hard to schedule exercise into a busy vacation, some simple guidelines can ensure your vacation doesn’t detract from the hard-earned benefits you've earned by exercising at home.


1. Research before leaving.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re traveling to, make sure to research local opportunities for exercise alongside sites and scenes to visit. There could be a gym in your vacation area you already have a membership to, or you could find a cheap local gym, yoga studio, or recreation center in the vicinity. Some studios offer weekend or tourist discounts—checking into those opportunities could save you money while keeping you fit.

Researching local attractions also gives you the opportunity to reserve some exercise time. Visiting the beach? Find some nearby beach hikes or boardwalk strolls. Enjoying a mountainside resort? Look into local mountain biking trails. Whatever your preferred form of exercise, chances are you can find a way to implement it.


2. Make a concrete schedule.


Planning out what you’re doing and when lets you pencil in the exercise time that might otherwise get left out. Try scheduling a definite wake-up time every morning followed by a half-hour run or trip to the gym or hotel fitness center. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, exercising is much easier to skip if you don’t write down a plan and hold yourself to it.


3. Pack the right equipment.


From tennis shoes to lightweight dumbbells and Pilates mats to exercise clothing, make sure you bring the right clothes, shoes, and equipment for whatever exercise you plan on doing. You can travel light while still packing your exercise essentials—bring some basic gear for the exercise you enjoy.


4. Plan with a partner.


As you already know from exercising at home, exercise regimens are much easier to maintain when you exercise in pairs. To make sure you keep exercising on vacation, you and your travel partner can create and hold each other to exercise routines throughout the vacation just as you would at home.


5. Find a hotel with a gym.


Hotels with on-site gyms make exercising on vacation much easier--they bring the gym to you! Most hotel gyms have basic workout equipment, and some have pools, weight rooms, and saunas. Do some research into good hotels in the area—finding one with a gym can make all the difference in returning from a vacation with the same fit physique you had before leaving.


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