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Looking for a Luxury Hotel? Here are 11 Must-Haves

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

When you think about staying in a hotel, you probably think of uncomfortable beds and subpar amenities. However, a hotel can be more than just a room for the night. When you need to get away for a weekend or a long trip, a hotel can be a destination all its own.

So how do you know if the hotel you're considering will be even better than home or just a bad experience you have to endure? The key is in the details. Ask the hotel directly, or look for reviews, about these things that will make your stay a pleasure.


The most important thing any hotel can offer is thoughtful, personalized service. The size of the hotel doesn't matter nearly as much as the staff that run it. Even a tiny bed and breakfast can feel like a five-star resort if it provides excellent service.

As a guest, you should be able to feel like the staff gives you what you need before you even have to ask.

A quality hotel's service should be intuitive, but not overbearing or forceful. You should never feel like staff members don't value your opinion. However, you also shouldn't have to ask for extra towels because they only provided one for a four-person room.


If you want easy access to various hotspots in your destination city, then your hotel's location is extremely important. You can save a lot on cab fare or car rentals if you can find lodging within walking distance of the main attractions.

The hotel's location also influences what kind of view you'll have from your room. You window can show either a stunning beach view or the parking lot next to a fast food restaurant, depending on where the hotel is.


A high-quality hotel will have a restaurant on the premises. This doesn't mean a diner-style dive to serve tired travelers after a long drive. A good hotel will have a restaurant even the locals like to visit, with fresh ingredients and quality dishes.

Complimentary breakfast should also be on the menu for your stay.


You won't have a hard time finding a hotel with internet access. However, many hotels charge for this service. A good hotel will offer free Wi-Fi for its guests. This is part of providing good service.


You don't have to wash your hair with inferior bath products just because you're not at home. Your hotel should offer high-quality products. The best hotels offer brand name bath stuffs you'll want to take home.

If the bathing products in your room have the same name as the hotel, that's usually a red flag, although select hotels do offer excellent bath products under their own names.


Marathon training may not be the first thing on your vacation to-do list. However, a good exercise facility is one mark of a good hotel.

Exercise is an important part of many people's days. Even on vacation, a short jog on the treadmill or lifting weights should be available to you in your hotel.


Hotels are infamous for uncomfortable beds. A good mattress should be a given, but you should also pay attention to the linens. Are the sheets soft or scratchy? Are the pillows plump or flat? Good sheets can make all the difference when you're trying to get a good night's rest for the full day ahead.


Over the past few years, more and more people have started carrying around several expensive devices on a daily basis. It's not unu sual for an average person to have several hundred dollars' worth of electronics with them during a hotel stay.

For this reason, you need to make sure your hotel has a good safe. A thoughtful hotel might even include chargers for electronics in side the safe itself.

Kid Friendly

An upscale hotel can still be kid friendly. Many high-quality hotels appeal to children as well as their parents with simple measures like complimentary rubber duckies for the bath.

A good hotel will treat your children just as well as they treat you. Your child will be considered a guest, not an inconvenience.


Whirlpool tubs can be a serious perk of staying in a hotel. Your vacation can be even more relaxing if you end each day by enjoying the jets in a luxurious bathtub.

Kids will find whirlpool tubs highly appealing as well.


A swimming pool isn't absolutely necessary for a good hotel. In fact, plenty of bad hotels have pools. However, a nice pool can be just one more thing that enhances your vacation. Few things are more relaxing than a day spent lounging in the sunshine by the swimming pool; just one more thing that enhances your vacation. Few things are more relaxing than a day spent lounging in the sunshine by the swimming pool.

Most swimming pools also come with hot tubs. Even in warm weather, hot tubs can feel great during cool summer nights. For many people, a hot tub is a must-have for their hotel experience.

Remember, your hotel can make or break your vacation. With excellent service and elegant amenities, a good hotel will make you never want to leave.


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