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Our Diamond Rewards Program

Register at any participating Monte Carlo Inns and start earning Diamond Rewards Points instantaneously. Take advantage of the Monte Carlo Inns quality, comfort and value, by adding further incentive and becoming a member of an exclusive loyalty program that is free and easy to earn exclusive stay benefits, complimentary rooms and merchandise. For more information on our Diamond Rewards Program and redemption options, check out our Diamond Rewards redemption schedule.

* Diamond Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

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Monte Carlo Inns Diamond Rewards Club membership

Great Reasons to Join:

  • It's free and easy
  • Register online and track your points accumulation
  • 20 points for every $100.00 Canadian Dollars spent before taxes on qualified room rates
  • Every stay counts towards a free night or merchandise
  • Exclusive stay benefits, like complimentary upgrades, early check-in, late check-out etc. The more you stay, the easier it becomes
Earning a FREE night has never been so easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do my redemption coupons expire?

    Once your Diamond Rewards Points are redeemed on the terminal receipts, they expire one year from the date of issuance.

  • How can I check my Diamond Rewards points balance and account information?

    A Diamond Rewards member will receive a transaction statement on the terminal receipts upon checking in or checking out of any participating Monte Carlo Inns™ property. The transaction statement will display the points earned for that particular transaction and the updated points balance. You can also check your points balance and account information here.

  • How can I redeem my Diamond Rewards Points?

    You can redeem your Diamond Rewards Points by exercising your option to utilize the pre-determined terminal receipts (coupons) and applying these coupons towards the various redemption options (rewards).

  • How do I earn bonus points on the Diamond Rewards Program?

    Upon registering your membership online at you will be prompted to link and like your Diamond Rewards account to the Monte Carlo Inn Facebook page ( and earn 20 bonus points.

  • How do I earn Diamond Rewards Program points?

    You earn Diamond Rewards Points by staying at any participating Monte Carlo Inns™ Properties. You will earn 20 points for each $100.00 Canadian Dollar (or the equivalent in other currencies) you spend on your room rate or meeting room rate excluding taxes.

  • How long does it take to post points to my account?

    Diamond Rewards Points are posted to your account as soon as the Program member pays qualifying room rates, exclusive of all applicable taxes, at any participating Monte Carlo Inns™.

  • How would the Diamond Rewards Membership expire?

    Diamond Rewards Membership will be terminated and all accrued program points cancelled or forfeited if the member has no activity for a period of 730 consecutive days or if the Monte Carlo Inns cancels the Diamond Rewards Program.

  • Is there a fee for joining the Diamond Rewards Program?

    No, membership is free.

  • What is considered a qualifying rate?

    Qualifying Room Rates are deemed as a stay at any participating Monte Carlo Inns™, excluding taxes and excluding but not limited to the purchase of gift certificates, restaurant charges, sundry charges, catering or banquet purchases, food charges, beverage charges and audio visual charges. Point accrual is limited to individual accommodation only. If a member attends a convention or group meeting and individually pays Monte Carlo Inns™ directly for the room, he/she will be eligible to receive points for the stay. However, contract rooms, rooms reserved by corporations on an ongoing basis and or master-billed rooms are not eligible to earn Diamond Rewards Points. Wholesale packages and series tours booked through a travel agent are not eligible to earn Diamond Rewards Points. If a program member chooses to earn points, if eligible, through our sales office for a group reservation, group meeting, contract rooms or master-billed rooms, he or she forfeits the option of earning points for his personal room. At the discretion of the Monte Carlo Inns™ reservations made through third party reservation portals or any other online travel agency will not be eligible to earn Diamond Rewards Points.

    • Point Structure: Each $5.00 of the Room rate = 1 point
    • Minimum Purchase per Transaction = $50.00
    • Maximum Purchase per Transaction = $5,000.00
    • Minimum Points per Transaction = 10 points
    • Maximum Points per Transaction = 1,000 points
    • Initial Point Balance on issuance of Diamond Rewards Card = 0 points
    • Point Balance upon online registration = 0 points
    • Point Balance upon linking and liking the members Diamond Rewards account to the Monte Carlo Inn Facebook page ( = 20 points