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#ReDiscover Oakville for its hiking & cycling trails, golf courses, parks, sunsets, and more while spending a night at Monte Carlo Inns™ Oakville Hotel.

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Downtown Oakville - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Downtown, Oakville, Ontario

Downtown Oakville is located in the heart of the town and is a contemporary spot known for its upscale retail, businesses, and excellent feasting settled in one advantageous area. Downtown Oakville's fine assortment of boutique retail incorporates art displays, restaurants, gourmet food purveyors, high style fashion design and architecture, gyms and spas, and offers smart customer quality brands and an outstanding service experience.

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Distance from the Hotel - 7 min (3 km)


Hotels near Sixteen Mile Creek - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Sixteen Mile Creek, Oakville, Ontario

A Lovely climbing spot highlighting a lake. The trail is basically utilized for hiking, strolling, and nature trips.

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Distance from the Hotel  - 12 mins (7 Km)

Hotels near Bronte Harbour - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Bronte Creek Waterfront Park, Oakville, Ontario

This is a big park highlighting a reestablished farmhouse and a nature center, in addition to campgrounds, yurts, and strolling trails.

Distance from the Hotel  - 19 min (19 km)

Rattlesnake conservation - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, Milton, Ontario

Popular climbing, trekking, and outdoor spot with a post point for clearing grand perspectives of scenic views.

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Distance from the Hotel  - 29 mins (29 km)

Gairloch Gardens - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Gairloch Gardens, Oakville, Ontario

Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, Gairloch Gardens highlights excellent landscaping and dazzling nurseries. The site is likewise home to the Oakville Galleries.

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Distance from the Hotel - 8 min (4 km)

Niagara Falls - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls at the southern edge of Niagara Gorge, traversing the fringe between the area of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States. Niagara Falls is popular both for its magnificence and as an important source of hydroelectric power.

Distance from the Hotel  - 1 hour (93 km)

Lions Valley Park - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Lions Valley Park, Oakville, Ontario

Climbing, fishing, and picnicking are well-known practices in this park with a rocky path, a creek, and a garden.

Distance from the Hotel - 15 mins (8.8 Km)

Hotels near Kerr Village - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Ker Village, Oakville, Ontario

Kerr Village is a trove of retail cherishes where one of a kind 'mother and father' shops offer unordinary things including interior decor, high-quality furnishings, collectibles, and work of art; and forte stores brag a range of stylish dresses, children's adornments, leisure activity supplies and presents for authorities.

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Distance from the Hotel - 5 min (3 km)

Glen Abbey - Monte Carlo Inns Oakville

Glen Abbey Golf Course

Glen Abbey Golf Club is an exclusive golf course situated in Oakville, Ontario Canada. It is home to one of Canada's most renowned fairways and is home to the Golf Canada and the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame

Distance from the Hotel - 10 min (6 km)